New product is designed and supplied – water mist skid for firefighting and for fire protection of smaller fuel tanks for customer from India. This system have quiet and reliable operation, and is equipped with two electrical pumps – primary and secondary, which starts in the event of failure of the primary pump. It is possible to manage and run remotely from the control room, but also on the skid. Specifications:

Pressure p = 110 bar
The flow = 10 l / min at 4 special nozzles
Angle spraying is 120 deg, and coverage is 400mm wide at 400 mm height of the nozzles from object
Injection of concentrate – through mixer from 30 l tank – SS316
Water tank SS304 of 500 l / min


Water mist system has the advantage over sprinkler systems in several areas:

–  greater efficiency of the shutdown because, in addition to process of cooling the object of protection, mist have ability to push out oxygen from quenching area (effect as quenching with CO2)
– low consumption of extinguishing fluids
–  smaller damage after fire shutdown in comparison with sprinklers