At the end of last year we have delivered 3 pcs of trailers for mixing foam – a project developed by cooperation between HS Optimus and company Arming. System allows mixing of foam for extinguisher system in fixed installations, at a flow rate of 800-4000 lpm up to a pressure of 12 bar. The mixing ratio of foam concentrate in water is 3%. The system is entirely mechanical, reliable and with precise dosing. All parts are made of SS316 and bronze, which enables the product longevity and prevents corrosion. Tank foam is 2500 L.
On the trailer are mounted stabilizers in order to relieve the shaft stress due to prolonged standing of trailers in one position.
At the front of trailer is one locker made of SS316 where is equipment for intervention – discharge hoses with Storz A 15m – 6 pieces.

Trailer are fabricated in facility of MGS Grupa in Kraljevica.




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