Multifunction Utility Vehicle

The company MGS has developed vehicle HIMERA 8000. This vehicle is specific by functionality that can meet, such as for example, transport of pellets, cleaning the sewers, transportation of waste water, washing greasy surfaces and similar. This is first such multifunctional vehicle in this part of Europe. Basic features:

  • Tank 6000 L + 2000 which may be used separately or in combination
  • Vacuum pump 880 m3 / h, 75% vacuum, pressure up to 1.5 bar
  • High-pressure pump 265 l/min at 170 bar for cleaningjammed pipelines
  • High-pressure pump 20 l/min at 200 bar with heater for steam cleaning of oily surfaces
  • Filter for pellets and dust separation
  • Chassis Iveco ML150E28

The vehicle is made according to customer requirements. Vehicle will be maximally exploited throughout the year. The specificity of the vehicle, in addition to multi-functionality, is the use of vacuum pumps for suction of pellets and their transport to end user and unloading through pressure system over flexible pipes mounted on the vehicle.