FireCAN was created in cooperation between German and Austrian bodybuilders of fire superstructures. The above was created based on an open protocol CANopen but is not fully compatible with the CiA 301 specification (J 1939).

FireCAN connects devices such as pumps, generators, winches for towing, pneumatic lighting poles, water cannons, etc.

FireCAN will provide connectivity to the system via system plug’n’play. This basically means that all information for the operation of individual systems on the vehicle, as well as their control willbe enabled from a single location. This will significantly simplify the functions that operator has to control. For example, if water monitor is used, and his position is not at given position, it will not use the water until he reaches the position.Or, for example if water pressure is not reached it will not open the valve and waste water.

Although this is the future, it is expected that the standard will be adopted by the EU norms in 2016 year, and this year has already been defined to DIN 14700 standard, which defines the functions and fireCANprotokol. More and more manufacturers make that their devices that are compatible with this protocol. From the manufacturer’s chassis this protocol is already supported by IVECO and Iveco Magirus, and it is expected that the following chassis manufacturers incorporate this protocol as a supplement to the CANbus system.